HU-DU Muzzle Brake
HU-DU Muzzle Brake
HU-DU Muzzle Brake

HU-DU Muzzle Brake

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Let’s get straight to the point. You’re not going to believe the HU-DU does what we say it does unless you experience it yourself. Most people don’t believe it even AFTER they’ve experienced it for themselves. 

The HU-DU Muzzle Brake reduces recoil from 80 to 95 percent while completely eliminating muzzle rise. It is very literally the next evolution in firearms design. 

With the HU-DU we’re making all guns equal – when recoil is essentially eliminated you can pick which gun you want to shoot based on cartridge alone.

How Does It Work?

The clean, simple design allows the HU-DU to attach to a threaded barrel with ease. Once attached and timed, muzzle rise and recoil reduction are immediate. Whether attached to an AR15 or a .338 Lapua, the HU-DU can scale to any caliber and delivers the same dynamic performance every single time. 

Why Does It Matter?

The HU-DU muzzle brake is game-changing in many ways, including changing gun owners’ lives. Some of our favorite stories about people we’ve helped:

Two gentlemen with pacemakers who couldn’t hunt the way they wanted to anymore because of recoil are now hunting again with the HU-DU.

Three men with reconstructive shoulder surgery had stopped shooting and are all now shooting daily, thanks to the HU-DU.

Maybe our proudest moment, a TWRA trapper was in car accident that severed his spinal column. He was forbidden from shooting any weapon with any recoil. Now with the HU-DU, he’s been shooting three years with no issues.