About Us

About Us

Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Winston Salem, our family-owned and operated business is located in King, NC — home of Hanging Rock State Park. 

We have a history of our family members serving in the military, and our family has loved guns and hunting for generations. When we started our company five years ago, we were just a couple of enthusiastic gun lovers. But now, we’re growing our business to reach and help more people enjoy the family-friendly sport of target shooting.

Everything Made in the USA

As proud Americans, we source everything in the United States — from the steel we use to the equipment in our shop that fabricates the targets. With the proper care, our high-quality targets last forever.

Our Goal for Our Customers

Our goal is simple: We want to help our customers find the perfect target to meet their shooting needs and to make our targets as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. 

Safe Fun for Everyone

Our experience — through trial and error and the determination to get it right — has equipped us to provide a safe, fun shooting experience for anyone who purchases our targets. We’ve designed target stands and hangers that are easy to set up and break down so you’re shooting quickly — and clean-up isn’t a chore.