Frequently Asked Questions

Why SR500 Targets?

If you aren’t shooting steel than you are missing out. There are many reasons to shoot steel targets here are a couple:

Instant feedback = better training

The instant feedback gives the shooter a better idea of where they hit the target, if they hit the target and what adjustments they need to make.

Longer life span of the targets

The life span of a metal target can last a lifetime. The steel targets seem like a big investment over the paper targets but unlike boring paper targets you only need to buy them once.

Not all steel is created equally.

We've partnered with SSAB, a world leader in ballistic materials technology, to source the SR500 ballistic-grade steel used in all our target products. Learn more about SR500 steel.

Why buy from Shooting Targets USA?

Everything we produce is 110% USA made, from the water jet company, to the steel supplier and steel itself. The water jet will give you a better finished product better than a laser or a plasma. The cuts are cleaner, the holes are smoother, the product is better because of it. We buy the best possible steel from the best supplier in the country. They only produce the top of the line steel. We buy in high quantities to save you money, the happier the customer is the happier we are as a company.