About Us

Our Mission

At Shooting Targets USA, we are dedicated to redefining excellence in shooting targets, aspiring to become America's Target company of choice. Our unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality and most innovative targets is matched only by our deep respect for the core values of freedom and liberty that define our great nation.

Our mission is to provide shooters, professionals, and enthusiasts alike with a diverse range of superior shooting targets that enhance their skill, accuracy, and overall shooting experience. We relentlessly pursue innovation in design, materials, and technology to create products that exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks for performance and durability.

As true patriots, we proudly uphold the American values of freedom and liberty in everything we do. We are committed to supporting responsible firearms use and fostering a culture of safety and proficiency among our fellow citizens. Our dedication to these values extends to the quality of our products, the transparency of our processes, and our steadfast support for the Second Amendment.

With every target we manufacture, we aim to empower individuals to exercise their rights responsibly, pursue their passions, and achieve their highest levels of marksmanship. At Shooting Targets USA, we believe that a commitment to excellence and a reverence for American values go hand in hand.

Join us on our journey to become America's Target company, where quality, innovation, and freedom unite.


Shooting Targets USA America's Target Company



Our Story

Shooting Targets USA is a family owned and operated manufacturing company, located in the rolling hills of western North Carolina, with over 50 years of combined experience in fabrication and a strong core of traditional American values. 

Having made components for NASCAR, SpaceX, and countless other brands, we’re no strangers to innovative thinking and precision craftsmanship. After seeing several opportunities to improve upon the accepted standards in the shooting target industry, we decided to combine our R&D and fabrication experience with our passion for shooting sports, and Shooting Targets USA was born.




Our Team

Shooting Targets USA is run by brothers Andrew and Dan Speeney, along with their father Mike. The three are avid outdoorsmen and shooters, so there is rarely a day that goes by without the sweet song of lead on steel, as they are constantly testing and improving upon their designs and processes.